Kids’ content kingpins are making merch to keep the YouTube cash coming

The YouTube channel Cocomelon, which features an animated cast of colorful creatures dancing along to the delight of content-craving kids, racks up 2.5B views a month, making it the 2nd most watched YouTube channel (after T-Series, which features Indian music). And although Cocomelon rakes in as much as $11.3m per month, the couple-owned company is […]

Brandless, the anti-brand that challenged the name brands, goes bust

Maybe selling everything under the sun for $3 a pop isn’t such a great idea after all. The D2C upstart Brandless, which rose to fame peddling generic home goods and personal-care products, is shutting down, according to Protocol. It’s the first SoftBank Vision Fund-backed startup to close its doors entirely. In the early days, the […]

Thanks to buy-in from big brands, reusable packaging is becoming a big business

Loop, a company that makes stainless steel canisters and other reusable vessels for giant companies like Nestlé and Procter & Gamble, will soon roll out in retail stores. It’s a system designed to end disposability It works like this: Loop ships products — ranging from Häagen-Dazs ice cream to Tide laundry detergent — in tote […]

Instagram-inspired plastic surgery is still on the rise

Last fall, Instagram banned filters that let users see what they might look like with a little nip and tuck — or a major face-lift. It’s not hard to see why people thought the digital effects were sketchy — one of the filters was literally called FixMe. It mimicked how a surgeon might draw lines […]

Chunky sneakers are cool now… and the original dad sneaker is getting its due

Stock in Skechers, the shoemaker that made sub sandwich-sized sneakers before frumpiness was fashionable, rose more than 6% at the end of last week — part of a 37% stock rally in a year. Chunky became chic In the past few years, “dad-core” style has become fashionable, with the trend hitting full, ummm, stride this […]