The XFL kicked off the latest attempt to compete with the NFL

The NFL season ended 8 days ago with the Kansas City Chiefs’ win against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV. But this past weekend, more than 30k committed football fans still found a way to shout themselves hoarse at pro football games.  That’s right: The XFL is back, baybeeee On Saturday, the DC […]

Small business of the week: An innovative sleepwear brand scales to $25m

In 2012, Ashley Merrill found herself going to sleep wearing an outfit she had donned hundreds of times before: her husband’s oversized clothes. She was finally tired of it. Is this what it’s going to be?, she asked herself. Merrill wanted more. But the market was flooded with sleepwear that didn’t feel right — too […]

Some Silicon Valley commutes are grueling. How bad is yours?

All commutes suck. But some commutes are craaaazy. Just ask Silicon Valley’s tech workers. Protocol did, and what they found sounds exhausting. It’s a story of thousands of people and very long days Many tech companies shuttle their employees to work — it’s a pretty common perk. But rising housing prices in Silicon Valley and […]

From scourge to savior: Are scooters the key to opening up gridlock?

“Scooter rage” became a thing almost as quickly as scooters. But they might transform your city’s future.

Some agencies think sneaking ads into Spotify is a hot new marketing strategy

KFC partnered with artists to find a sneaky back-door way to inject sponsored content into ad-free Spotify Premium.